Murder in the Market

The local Farmers’ and Artisans’ summer market held weekly in the small mountain town of Invermere in the East Kootenays of British Columbia offers a wide variety of characters and products to its many visitors. Visitors arrive to enjoy a morning of meeting and greeting, exploring new tastes, buying fresh veggies and flowers, and dawdling among displays of jewellery, garden ornaments, books and canned goods.


Yet underneath the friendly and pleasant exterior lurks dark passions fully capable of bringing the spectre of death to an unsuspecting community. How can a red sun bring danger to innocent people? More to the point, are people who they appear to be or does everyone wear a mask?


“Hilarious” – Ralph Brade

“It’s a fun tale and both locals and visitors will love the familiar locale” Sharron Chatterton. CVA

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Maureen Thorpe is a gifted writer. She can spin a tale that keeps you spellbound (no pun intended.). It has been my pleasure to meet Ms. Thorpe when she was just starting her “Annie and Aunt Meg’s” tales. They just keep getting better. Not an easy task. It has been my pleasure to read “Tangle of Time”, “Sailing to Byzantium”, “Coventina’s Well”, and “All the World’s a Stage” at least 3 times. If you like a good tale with a touch of magic, look no further.
I also read a funny novella called “Murder in the Market”. It is based on her own experiences of a murder while selling her books in a Farmer’s Market. It is humorous and quirky. Definitely worth the read.

~ Debbie B.

A brilliantly designed story with surprising psychological notes which dive into the slow break of an unbalanced mind. An absolute page turner with unpredictability and wittiness around every corner.

~ Maya G.

This book is a perfect summer read. This fun book is an absolute hoot! What a wonderful distraction. Loved it!


This short novel is one of the most entertaining and unique stories I have read this year. It takes place in my local area and so the Market is real. From the start it moved quickly from being told who murdered the victim to how others became involved and what the outcome was. The characters were developed well and the plot had some interesting and amusing twists and turns. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to those who like humor, detective work and a winning outcome.

~ Susan M.

What a delightful story. An enjoyable read by an accomplished writer with an extensive vocabulary. She uses lovely words like collywobbles and discombobulate. Wonderful story with the plausibility held together with the thread of continuity.
I have read her three previous books and was not disappointed in this sweet little tale.

~ Bonnie G.

Great page-turner! I read the whole book in one sitting. Couldn’t put it down. A really fun summer read. A creepy psychological murder mystery with a great friendship at the end…

~ Margaret B.

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