The third Annie & Rosamund Mystery...

A spellbinding journey through time and cultures…

In Coventina’s Well, three women, each from a different century, find themselves on a hazardous journey from the Roman Fort of Eboracum (York) to Hadrian’s Wall on the roof of England. Annie Thornton, modern midwife and witch, joins her hereditary witchy Aunt Meg to aid the ailing young wife of the Fort Commander in 296 A.D.
Without explanation, Aunt Meg disappears. Annie becomes a fugitive from the Roman Army and seeks help from local natives and her old 15th-century adventurers, ex-soldiers Will and Jack. As the three women separately venture north, the complex relationship between the Celtic tribes and their Roman conquerors is exposed. Meanwhile, back in Eboracum, disaster awaits.Once again, vivid historical detail, combined with magic realism and human fallibilities takes the reader on a fascinating journey through time.

Ralph Brade, geologist

“Best yet…”
Karen Sharp, accountant

The Pentology

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Maureen Thorpe is a gifted writer. She can spin a tale that keeps you spellbound (no pun intended.). It has been my pleasure to meet Ms. Thorpe when she was just starting her “Annie and Aunt Meg’s” tales. They just keep getting better. Not an easy task. It has been my pleasure to read “Tangle of Time”, “Sailing to Byzantium”, “Coventina’s Well”, and “All the World’s a Stage” at least 3 times. If you like a good tale with a touch of magic, look no further.
I also read a funny novella called “Murder in the Market”. It is based on her own experiences of a murder while selling her books in a Farmer’s Market. It is humorous and quirky. Definitely worth the read.

~ Debbie B.

Another wonderful read by this author! Again, I was whisked back to the Middle Ages, and again the research and delightful writing style immersed me in an earlier culture.
The characters – both the two witches who are the mainstays of the series and the people they are sent to help – are lively enough to come off the page. The magic element is well thought out and fun. Altogether a great story. Highly recommended!

~ Tony Berryman, author.

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