A spellbinding journey through time and cultures

In All the World’s a Stage. Annie and her time-travelling friends take a vacation in 17th century London to see the famous Globe theatre. London is bursting at the seams with the privileged, the poor and the rogues. A bag of silver coins brought by the time-travellers to purchase food and board becomes a sought-after prize from people who will stop at nothing to seize the bounty. In constant danger, Annie and friends must create ingenious and wily scenarios along with a famous playwright to bring the London gangs to justice.

The Pentology

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Maureen Thorpe is a gifted writer. She can spin a tale that keeps you spellbound (no pun intended.). It has been my pleasure to meet Ms. Thorpe when she was just starting her “Annie and Aunt Meg’s” tales. They just keep getting better. Not an easy task. It has been my pleasure to read “Tangle of Time”, “Sailing to Byzantium”, “Coventina’s Well”, and “All the World’s a Stage” at least 3 times. If you like a good tale with a touch of magic, look no further.

~ Debbie B.

A wonderful, action-packed time-traveling adventure!

When two time-traveling witches – one from present day, one from the Middle Ages – take some friends to Shakespearean London, they find a world rich with texture and life, and get themselves into a heap of trouble. But nothing their skill set can’t handle.

I felt like I was right along for the ride! Maureen Thorpe is a dab hand at bringing history to vibrant life, and this is her best yet. The sounds, smells, locations and culture of early London were all there, larger than life.

The story is typically fast and fun, with engaging characters and plenty of twisty action. It kept me engaged to the very end. Along the way, they manage to amaze – and possibly influence – Will Shakespeare himself.

An all-round fun romp through time. Pick this one up.

~ Tony Berriman

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