Medieval Musings

I found this description of a cruck house on A cruck house is medieval, typical of the houses the serfs lived in in ‘Tangle of Time’. We’ll go back to stories of the Vikings soon.
“We started renovating an old cottage in Herefordshire (2012) stripping back 1950’s handy work and the false ‘straight dry-lining walls,” even 87 bags of rubble came out of the fireplace….
To find everything in the interior of the house pretty much original. There is a full cruck and half cruck that may have been a hip end over possibly a cattle stall/barn.
My wish now is to possibly date the cruck bay. Much of the timbers are elm so more difficult to age than oak but I’m sure a lot of the woodworking tool marking, such as the adze marks and square chiseled out peg holes may offer some clues.
The Cruck walls are wattle & daub and under 4 layers of lime plaster we found small fragments of an old print, with reference to Agencourt ( with an E ) and Harry Hotspur who was killed in the battle of Shrewsbury 1403.”
Agincourt is the battle in France in 1415 with King Henry V against the French. (Mentioned in ‘Tangle of Time’.
Harry Hotspur was the nickname given to Lord Percy of Northumberland. He died in battle in 1403 and is buried in York Minster.
That is an old, old cottage they are talking about.